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January 2004:

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Happy Public Domain Day!
A new round of works enter the public domain in Canada. (LOL* Boingboing) (discuss)

Paris Review Gets New Editor
Stephen King and Harold Bloom team up to steer the grand old lady of journals into the future. Well, obviously I'm lying. (discuss)

Maud is God, Bookslut is ... Cooked... Nuts? I'm Sorry, Jessa... Oh Wait! Hooked Up!
Maud Newton and Bookslut cited as favourite book blogs by Slate. (discuss)

The Thing I Like Best About Standards is How PORTABLE They Are...
Are our standards are falling? (discuss)

Famous Mainstream Authors Use Web to Reach Fans
I use web to look up phone numbers and talk to y'all. (discuss)

G'Day? No Way! I Get My Bling Bling Flown in from the USA! My Daddy Scarred Me, Tarred Me, Threw Another Shrimp on the Barbee... Yo Yo... Good On Ya... Word to Your Mum...
Now here's something I bet you'd never considered... (discuss)

Nobody Takes a Shot at Being Somebody
The football chant thing. (discuss)

Your Year in a Can
Guardian tries to put Bookninja out of business with a link-filled year in review, whereas alt-mag eye takes a more editorial approach. (discuss)

The Book as Fetish Object
Oh, sorry, it's "the book as art object."** I make that mistake all the time. (discuss)

Hmm... R...? R...? R...? Ah! Here It Is: Roswell!
Now THAT's a library! Wouldn't you just love to wander around in there?** I bet there's not much poetry, but plenty of good sci-fi. (LOL* Kitabkhana) (discuss)

Reality Czech
Ivan Klima profiled. (discuss)

Eliot as Playwright
A N Wilson likes collecting old books. (discuss)

Slow Waves turns people's dreams into four-panel comics. My favourite: the Canadian centaur in the American supermarket (scroll down a bit). (LOL* Memepool) (discuss)

Dating Miss Dickinson... 
Um... I think there are some people who would doubt that you ever stood a chance with her, SIR. (LOL* ALDaily) (discuss)

Rabbie Burns' Skull Walks Earth in Search of Creep Who Made Mask of It...
You know, these articles about exhuming and defiling dead poets never fail to give me the screaming neck sweats (mostly because I know I'll never be famous enough to be properly defiled... The best I can hope for is one future grad student seducing another with some cheap pot on my headstone...) (discuss)


Note: Our little Bookninja community is growing and sometimes it's hard to keep track of everything that's going on. Some of the discussion topics are getting away from pertinent debate and, because we're not using ugly threads, tangents abound, making it difficult to follow the arguments. The familiarity between the old-timers is great, and it's good that you all love one another, but it's also creating an environment in which new people feel somewhat reluctant to post. So, we're creating Miscellaneous and Social topics for posts that don't fit particular subjects. If you want to take a discussion off topic, then, "Hey, take it outside." (If you can think of other topics you'd like to see created - as we did with Book Recommendations and Shameless Self Promotion - then by all means, email us at

"Publishers are reducing the number of books they release to concentrate on "big name" authors or "good-looking" first-time novelists who are more marketable."
Nothing like dire book news to start the year off right. (discuss)

Every Author Has a Duty to Be a Celebrity
The new laws of the book world? (discuss)

King's Ka-tet Set to Go Ka-plooie?
I read the Gunslinger** about twenty thousand years ago and really liked it. But my attention span is ONLY SO LONG! (discuss)

"We need to learn to utter unpopular opinions"
Ryan Bigge has some thoughts about the state of book reviewing in Canada, and includes some choice bits from reviews published in Canadian Notes and Queries. If you're looking for unpopular opinions, CNQ has them. (discuss)

"10 Signs That Your Professor Is Sleeping With You To Assuage Mid-Life Depression and Will Dump You Shortly Afterward." 
Thanks also to Ryan for pointing out the London Review of Books Classifieds (scroll down to the personals). An article on selfsame, and on a related note. (discuss)

Is Fanfic Wrong?
Hey, we're still waiting for ninja fanfic. And maybe even some slash fiction. Rowwrr. (discuss)



Upper Canada Writers' Craft Award Update
I spoke with the PR people at Sleeman's (who own Upper Canada) and the rumours are true. Well, almost. The award has been "indefinitely postponed." What this could mean, I don't know, but it smacks of PR spin lingo for "gonzo, annihilated, currently sleeps with the fishes." They told me, "For whatever reason, we could not do the award this year," (solid spin-doctoring that) and promised to have "someone from marketing" email me. So there you have it. Another one bites the dust. Cue the Queen. (discuss)

That Paradigm Is Punk'd
Ban these words in 2004. (discuss)

Funny, "teh" Isn't on There has the top 100 misspelled words. (LOL* Bookslut) (discuss)

NYPL Exhibits Rare 90's Books
Courtney Love's signed copy of Miss Manners is not included. (LOL* Maud Newton) (discuss)

The New Classics?
Hesperus Press reissues some oldies. Check out their lit trivia column too. (discuss)

Sci-Fi Writers Comment on Schwarzenegger's Election
For the record, I came up with that little Arnold/big Arnold combo first! (discuss)



Taddle Creek Wants You
To save poetry in Canada. (discuss)

Dat Brazen Conman Does it Again!
DBC takes Whitbread for best first novel. (discuss)

But I Thought We Were All Equal Now...
Didn't this whole pesky gender inequality thing get cleared up around the same time the rainforest, ozone, and racism issues? (discuss)

RIP: MobyLives?
MobyLives, the grandaddy of all lit weblogs, including Bookninja, goes on "a sabbatic of indefinite length." That must have been some New Year's party, Dennis. (discuss)

Fraud! ... Um... Again!
Regarding George Wubblewoo Bush's poetry career: "The first lady lies in order to make the president look ... stupid?" (discuss)

I Think We Met This Guy and Bought His Book!
Ah, New York. Land of the success story.** Well, the famous success story and all the unheard of failures. (discuss)

"We'd Be Just as Happy if We Had No Books at All"
Kafka on Books. (LOL* Languagehat) (discuss)

This is Your Name. This is Your Name in Ancient Doodles...
Ever been digging reeds into quickly drying clay and been stuck for a cuneiform translation of your name? Well, NO MORE! (LOL* Maud Newton) (discuss)


Strange Brew
The Bookninjas were upset that no one was picking up on the Writers' Craft Award story we broke last week, so we wrote one ourselves. Let's try investigative journalism. (discuss)

Front Page News! Writers' Union Actually Does Something!
A searing open letter blasts Regina's public library board, using vicious writerly words such as "aghast," "draconian," and "need." (According to their website this--dated January 2003--is their first press release since October 2003... Advocating for YOU with YOUR DOLLARS!) (discuss)

Haddon Takes Whitbread
Looks like DBC's unwitting financiers will have to wait for another day... (discuss)

The Colon: A Debate
Academics ponder the use of colons... in titles. Of course they do. (discuss)

Your Name in Lights!
Actually, it's in the grubby pages of a pulp novel, but it's probably as famous as you will ever get, loser. (discuss)

The Uncertainty Principle
Scientists debate the merits of Michael Frayn's Copenhagen. (discuss)

So Cool, Kids!
For those of you who like Derek McCormack's work, why not stop by the website of Ian Phillips, whose art graces the cover of The Haunted Hillbilly. You can even order Western Suit, a beautiful chapbook that excerpts part of Hillbilly and has the design for your very own Western shirt! (discuss)

Apparently Scotland is as Clean a Freshly Mown Kilt Monkey
But that eeevil scoundrel Irvine Welsh is trying to deluuuude you, dear reader....! (discuss)



Hard to Swallow
Catherine Bush points out that the arts supporters at Upper Canada moved on to Steam Whistle after the former was bought out. Steam Whistle has had a great relationship with Taddle Creek in the Toronto lit scene. Apparently it's also a supporter of the visual arts and theatre in Hogtown. By the way, one day has passed with no major media coverage of this story. (discuss)

Federal Spending on the Arts Up in Canada
The feds spend $145.9M on publishing and periodicals. That's what, $4 a year per Canadian citizen? Hell, I'm willing to spend at least $5. (discuss)

Black with a Wicked Accent
What does it mean to be a black author in Britain? (discuss)

Meaty Article from Smith
That's right, you whinging farmers in your dustbowl shanties! We urban poets need more beer money! Listen, I find much of Alberta as distasteful as the next educated person, but these farmers are up to their overall snaps in financial crap. Interesting point about the factory farms though. (discuss)

Who's Who? 
Author almost turns down Who's Who entry because... well, it's irrelevant. (discuss)

Mars: the Narrative
A brief literary history of the Red Planet. (LOL* Elegant Variation)



I Had an Access Copyright Form Out on My Desk...
When I came across this I started filling it out... (discuss)

Press for Poets
The Star covers a poetry reading. Exsqueeze me? Baking Powder? Well, bravo, guys! (discuss)

The Worst Web Writing in 2003...
...Wasn't here! Whew. Looking forward to 2004! (LOL* Bookslut) (discuss)

"It's a form of resistance. If there was not a body of literature, then native people would be invisible. Sometimes the term Indian is an abstract idea. But when we express ideas in literature, then we have a valid body of expression that's totally ours."
Native lit in the US. (discuss)

Like to do Drawrings?
Danny Gregory, author of Hello World, has a neat website which contains a blog, and top 25 books list, and more (LOL* kinda from Bookslut). (discuss)

Tintin Turns 75
I miss the good old days of journalism. (discuss)

What Happened to All the Fools in Literature?
Annabel Lyon wants to know. (discuss)

Can YOU Sell 300 Copies in a Matter of Days?
Maybe it's because I'm a new dad, but... this almost made me weep. Damn kids and their earnest little faces... Sniff... It's like McWeeney's, but honest. (discuss).



Elm Street Is (Was) a Women's Magazine??
Elm Street is gone and my gender-transgressive reading with it. I guess it's on to Flare. (Thanks to Lynn C. for the tip.) (discuss)

Laura Miller on Writer's Block
She'll do anything** to avoid writing a good column. (discuss)

The New Rainforest?
Languages are dying and no one seems to be noticing, except Mark Abley - and those noticing him noticing. (discuss)

Statistically Speaking
A prof thinks English Lit scholars should stop reading books.** English Lit scholars read books? (discuss)

Glut of Buks
Are too many books being published? Have we asked this question before? (discuss)

Was Yeats Autistic?
Having been in social work and then having hung out with writers, I personally think autism and schizophrenia are highly under-diagnosed. (LOL* Goodreports) (discuss)

Faulkner Rules!
The work of Faulkner apparently good. (We try to not link to the Washington Post because they collect personal information from you as a "fee" for entering their site. We encourage you to lie to them. I, for instance, am a female born in 1901 and living in the zip code they give as an example.) (LOL* ALDaily) (discuss)

"Don Paterson was watching telly in a bedsit in Tottenham when he had an experience that changed his life."
He was watching what in a what in where? Oh, the poet Don Paterson? Okay, I'll post it... (LOL* Places for Writers) (discuss)

I'd Just Like to Have a Hardcover Someday...
When words don't matter so much, big books are in. (discuss)





Rimb(fr)aud a Simpering Used-to-was?
Rimbaud's collected letters reviewed by Michel Basilieres. (discuss)

Cool Still Cool
The word "cool" apparently came without a best before date. (This is debatable. I knew some incredibly cool people in New York who were surprised to hear me use "cool" in conversation. They said I sounded like someone's dad. Prophets, those.) (LOL* ALDaily) (discuss)

Scrittura dans 许多 Languages es Tres Schwierig
The tradition of writing in more than one language. Funny, when so many can barely write in their own. (discuss)

Tales from the Stacks
McSweeneys has a new librarian column. Why would people put firecrackers in book drop-off slots? (LOL* Bookslut) (discuss)

Whoa Whoa Whoa... When I Said Miserablism, I Meant it in the Nicest Possible Way...
Besides, I like that Welsh. And even if I didn't, I'd respect the fact that he's a sketchy character who hangs out with an army of smackheads or something... (discuss)

Poetry Avoids Getting Run Over
And ends up in Italy, of all places. (discuss)

How Many Different Things Are Wrong with This Story?
What do "books" have to do with "wireless internet?" Isn't that like conflating sex with porno? (discuss)



Rushdie on the Run
Muslim extremists out to "blacken" Salman. Um, doesn't this represent a step up for him? (discuss)

Spalding Gray Missing
Sad case.** ("Actor" before "Writer?") (discuss)

That's It, Hold those Filthy-Rich Writers Responsible
Lingua Franca did something noble in making sure its writers were paid before it went bankrupt. Now the creditors want the writers to hand those paycheques over...** (discuss)

Empty Pages
Jonathan Safran Foer collects blank pages from other writers' stacks. Who the hell still uses paper? All right, the next sheet on which a famous writer would have written is kind of cool.  (LOL* DangerBlog!) (discuss)

Creativity Machine
Dear God... Think of the implications! If this could be applied to Canadian poetry Ekstasis might one day be as good as Oberon! (discuss)

More Dick Than You Can Shake a Stick At
Calm down, folks. It's just old Phil K. getting his due a couple decades past dead. (discuss)

Fly the Poetic Skies
Delta Airlines now offers poetry. (discuss)

Poet's Journal
Admit it, your own life sucks, so why not read someone else's journal. It's on Slate so it can only be so bad...! (discuss)

Kill the Authors!
Writers and video game deathmatches meet! What could be better? (LOL* Bookslut) (discuss)



Tingling Revelations
Jonathan Bennett interviewed at January Magazine. (discuss)

Kesey in Jail
Kesey the artist, and not just painting in, like, my own breath, man. (LOL* Places for Writers) (discuss)

Want to Run a Magazine?
Established Canadian small press site (hailed by many as the best web journal in Canada) The Danforth Review is up for grabs. Founder and editor Michael Bryson is moving on and he's reading proposals from parties interested in taking it over. My plea to you, if you do get it: don't screw it up. (discuss)

On the Road On the Road
Caffeine-soaked scroll to make 13-stop museum tour. (Funny thing, I was never able to read OTR ... Hated it. That is, until one night before an exam - in which said book would make an appearance. I read it in one sitting, mostly aloud to keep myself awake. Loved it. Something to be said for all that "typing.") (discuss)

"Why should anyone but a poet care about the problems of Indian poetry?" 
I'm not sure what the answer to this is. (LOL* Old Hag) (discuss)

Why We Review the Books We Do
The Atlantic comes clean. (LOL* Maud Newton) (discuss)

"To have been alive and given to writing poetry in Canada during the 1960s and 1970s was a wonderful privilege"

Brian Fawcett's elegy for John Newlove. (discuss)

Literary Scavenger Hunt
At last, publishing publicists do something besides organizing book readings! (LOL* Neil Gaiman) (discuss)


Programming Note  
Radio Nomad, with host novelist André Alexis, premieres on CBC Radio One, 99.1 in Toronto, Monday, January 19th at 8 pm. André is one of the most intelligent, well-spoken, educated, inquisitive, and down-right awesome people I know, so I hope you'll all tune in. (discuss

Is he everywhere suddenly? Good. (discuss)

A Bookless World
Would it be so bad? (LOL* Ninchick) (discuss)

It's Happening Everywhere...
The Asian American Writers' Workshop in NYC is closing its doors. (discuss)

"I end up being kind of tangential to the Canadian mainstream literary scene"
The Danforth Review interviews Nalo Hopkinson. (discuss)

Wait a Minute... Forget the Fact that Young Novelists in Japan Dress like Sailor Moon Characters and Tell Me Again...
... Subaru has a literary magazine? (discuss)

New Covers for the Classics Contest
This is kind of cool, although I think they got the 1984 cover wrong. (discuss)

No Foreigners, Please
Eye weekly examines the state of Canadian publishing. (discuss)

Rake with Wig to Be Cast in Rushdie Adaptation
Wait... That's a living being? But where do all her organs go? (discuss)

"If books could kill, I'd use this one on my ex."
Lee Henderson's Unsolicited Blurbs for Previous Winners of the Booker Prize. (discuss)



Late Edition Addition...
Danforth Review posts two new interviews, including one with CanLit anti-Christ, and Bookninja fav, Tony Burgess. (discuss)

Gibson on US Politics
Well, it's just about into his territory...** (Excuse me while I geek out here, but by my, albeit sketchy, recollection, wasn't Neuromancer was published before 1984?) (LOL* PFW) (discuss)

When I Used to See Her Hanging Around Toronto's Annex Neighbourhood, I Never Thought My Fantasy Would Come True...
Well, I never thought it would come true without me... (LOL* Maud Newton) (discuss)

I Just Kant Believe it's Been 200 Years!
"Kant's greatest interpreters in English, however, have not been professional philosophers, but poets and men of letters." (discuss)

This Begs the Question...
Who thought it a good idea to repackage it? It also brings up a whole ugly crapload of other thorny issues about the existence of inherited art and the responsibilities of its curators... (discuss)

"The odd thing about poetry, which is so hard to get published and is so poorly remunerated, is that it's the most abused art form. The sheer slog of typing a novel keeps most time-wasters at bay, and the slog of reading a hollow novel discourages people from putting up with duds. Almost everyone thinks they can write a book, but few do, whereas everyone who thinks he or she can write a poem does. Thus those who have sound wares stand out."
Makes sense. Tibor Fischer on Don Paterson. (discuss)

Irvine Welsh and His Bonny Band o' Smackheeds are Nae Enough!
Now those pesky Scots want their own poet laureate. (discuss)

RIP: Olivia Goldsmith
Why does anyone do this to themselves? (discuss

Are Mysteries Lit?
Ben Yagoda criticizes the modern mystery scene in Salon, and mystery writers and fans respond. (discuss)

What Do Murakami, Jack London and One of the Spice Girls Have in Common? 
Mmm, icing.. (discuss)

This Is Just Like My Office
Get Your War On goes to Mars. (LOL* Boingboing) (discuss)



Anyone know a cure for infant insomnia caused by teething, flu, and fever? We're going on three hours in 48 and I'm ready to pay generously. 

The Mythological Emily
Margo Jefferson offers an opinion on a Dickinson doc,** but doesn't really offer her own on Emily. (discuss)

Ian Frazier's quest to fix the "e" key on his typewriter leads him through a history of the machine. (LOL* Maud) (discuss)

One Night Only! Sunday! Sunday! SUNDAY! The Polymaths vs. the Popularisers! Smell the Carnage, Hear the Thunder! Thunder! THUNDER!
Don't you dare miss it! (discuss)

"There's something terribly poignant about a minor poet like David Solway lashing out in the nastiest way about other Canadian writers who have somehow, inexplicably, achieved international celebrity without his permission." 
Solway gets the come around of a go 'round... A shot of his own medicine, as it were, and in his hometown paper, no less... (It's strychnine, for those of you who are keeping track.) (discuss

"But if he is not a novelist, he is the greatest essayist and one of the greatest poets that the cinema has known."
A bio on Godard. (discuss)

Yes, It Seems Matthews Was Indeed a Dork
But this article** briefly mentions Stephen Dunn who is a fantastic poet. One of my five favourite Americans, if you count Geoffrey Hill as ... not American. (discuss)

Bug-eyed Monsters!
Scans of comics from the 1940s. (LOL* Boingboing) (discuss)

More Freaking Cowboy Poets
You know, we've been doing Bookninja for about five months now, and I'll be durned if we ain't done near five r six of these here cowboy poetry bits. Seems a bit much, don't it? (discuss)


(Baby is better but still cranky. I still haven't really slept. I can see spots floating before my face. It's kind of cool. Thanks for all the hints. I was more hoping someone might want to come live with us, act as babysitter, and be our sugarmama/daddy. But fever care tips will do, thanks..)

Paterson Takes the Eliot
Becomes first to nab prize twice. Get reading him, guys and gals. (discuss)

Booker Prize Chair Announced
Press release. (discuss)

Radio Ga Ga
Alexis on writing for radio. (discuss)

Who Has Time for Reading When There's All This Great TV to Watch?
Book TV: good thing. That's funny, I hear it sucks. (discuss)

The First Draft
More like first daft, with me... (discuss)

"You couldn't make a blockbuster about Ted Hughes's life and work; you would have to leave out a hell of a lot of fishing, for a start."
Who was better? (discuss)

File This Under: Stop That or I'll Take It Away!
Ripping up books. It sounds so decadent when someone other than my son is doing it. (discuss)



Two Letters in One Month?
Has the Writers' Union gone mad? They'll blow a tire at this speed! Someone spare them the hernia! They're actually DOING something? New hires? An angered membership bored with listservs full of gardening tips? Maybe they should have a chat with the paper weights at the LCP. (LOL* PFW) (discuss)

Yeah, That'll Take Care of It
O brave new world! I can already smell the flowers and see the elves dancing. Why hasn't anyone thought of this "censorship" idea before? (discuss)

Better Company Than He Deserves
(Kind of like how things are in Montreal.) Alex Good writing on Solway in between Amis and Ugresic. (discuss)

More on Paterson
"Many of the poems in his new collection Landing Light seem to involve transitions, crossings and borders - and the changes people undergo in their journeying." Noooooo! (discuss)

Miniature Books
Not to be confused with the  widely prevalent Insignificant Books. (LOL* Maud) (discuss)

"Sapphic Action?"
A pretty decent discussion (for a newspaper) of Sappho. (discuss)

File This Under: Tell Me About It
Being a young writer sucks. (But I can't imagine that it gets much better.) (discuss)



Now Anne Can Finally Rest
Unless Gilbert is getting out of jail this month... His lawyer said it's likely since he's served two thirds of the time and has a clean record (except for that run in with Mexican mafia, which really wasn't his fault, and which he "paid" for in the prison currency of cigarettes and steamy love.) (discuss)

Hesperus Press
From the remainder bin of history straight onto your coffee table. (No, seriously, they've got a great list.) (LOL* ALDaily) (discuss)

Ah-ni! Ah-ni!
Ani DiFranco: spoken word artist... (discuss)

Newsflash: Drunk Poet Resists Arrest, Explains Actions through Poetry
I feel for this guy. (discuss)

RIP: George Woodbridge
That's it! 43 Man Squamish is gone? I'm switching to "Cracked." (discuss)

Anne Michaels to Forced to Ruminate on the Weight of Carry-on
As she's attending the StAnza poetry festival in Scotland. (discuss)

I Hate to Link to McSweeney's
But this DeLillo parody is kind of funny. (LOL*Maud) (discuss)

"If invention had wings, Diddy would fly"
Seamus Heaney on hip hop (by way of Steve Almond). (LOL*Bookslut) (discuss)


Self-serving Promotion or Act of Literary Charity?
I've posted a chapter of Please, my first book, on my website  for free download. It's called "What Happened to Our Baby?" (discuss)

"We are convinced that when people read, people change"
I, on the other hand, am convinced that these books will appear for sale on the streets in about two hours. (discuss)

Nice Lineup
Coetzee, Atwood, Winterson, Rendell. Those Aussies got the bling to bring em in. (discuss)

"I am in my bedroom in the palace. There is a four-poster bed, and not much else. A portrait hangs on the wall. An exit leads north."
Play the Hamlet adventure game! (LOL* Neil Gaiman) (discuss)

Attention: John Harris Is Not Brian Fawcett
Or is he? (discuss)

"There are fonts called Palatino installed on millions of desktop computers; inevitably a weak and ugly parody of the original. Regrettably every book published between 1987 and 1991 was set in some bad Palatino or other; this may be why I watched so much television in those years."
Ah, Textism. Also check out the Evolution of Writing. (discuss)

You Mean There's Another Country in which the People Loathe Success?
And here I thought it was just us Canadians. (discuss)

Robert Silvers, NYRB
Life at a glance. (discuss)

Burns Burns
Rabbie's life is hot news right now (but mostly in Scottish papers...) (discuss)

Book Nerds Succeeding in Squash?
Yay! Kick that little smelly ball's arse with your round racquet dealies. (discuss)


Happy Birthdays, Ailsa and Elaine! You're both 21 Now!

A Couple More Letters and I Won't Even Be Able to Be Indignant!
The Writers' Union is positively on FIRE! Has there been a regime change or did someone get lucky over the holidays? (discuss)

"You can write an op-ed today that runs tomorrow, set up a Web site that sells toys in a day or two, get a million signatures and recall a governor in a couple of months. But for some reason, it takes two years to get a book published."
Self-publishing. (LOL* Goodreports) (discuss)

Amid the Eschatological Fears of the Bloomsphincter Group
"Nothing people like so much is unimportant."** (discuss)

Speaking of Eschatology ... Here It Comes ...
Can't you feel it? Orwell has awakened** and is moving among us, gaining power, biding his time, just waiting for some hint of The Ring... (discuss)

A Bit of Literary Sleuthing
Led an academic to Henry James' early stories. (discuss)

"You have to think of poetry as an amateur pursuit"
Don Paterson on the life of a poet. (discuss)

Maybe It's a Gender Thing
A Guardian judge speaks out on picking new covers for the classics. (discuss)

Why Don't WE Get Pleasant Mail Like This from You Lazy Hacks?
Maud's readers LOVE her. Sometimes I feel like you guys are just leaving change on my pillow. (Naw, I'm just joshin. You can stay over and eat our food again.) (discuss)


Come on Paterson!!

I Am SO Buying This Book
Those of you who know me, know why.** Ha! I'm laughing already! (discuss)

First to Go, Last to Fall
Poetry axed by Lord Black. (Lord Black?) (discuss)

Was it Good for You?
What does publishing your book mean? (besides your friends making jokes about the cover behind your back...) (LOL* Goodreports) (discuss)

Portland Draws the Talent
Comics thriving out west, down Oregon way. (discuss)

Old Coot Goes After Old Lady Regarding Ancient History
Solzhenitsyn is angry again, and the woman who saw his works through to publication is getting the brunt of it. Isn't he part Russian, or something? That explains it. (P.S. "Household name?" Um, what household?) (LOL* ALDaily) (discuss)

Silent Auction
A cute small town newspaper piece on the joy of finding old books for sale and then other things tucked in them. (discuss)

Sound Extravaganza: 

Blurbs -- The Laughing Stock of the Laughing Stock
Even the Simpson's are getting in on ridiculing the blurb. And everyone knows they're about ten seasons past funny. (LOL* Maud) (discuss)

"I Can Smell My Own Fear"
The New Yorker on comedy and cartoons. Note: It's an audio piece. (discuss)

Looking For Audio Interviews with Your Favourite Writers?
Bookworm is the place to go. (discuss)


Haddon Takes Whitbread
Somewhere in the darkest depths of Texas, a man obscured by the backrest of an enormous leather chair raises a perfectly manicured hand from the head of a Persian cat. A pock-marked assassin silently exits the room, leaving only piece of paper with the scrawled letters: DBC... Elsewhere, the announcement causes DBC's "creditors" to simply throw their stetsons to the floor in disappointment. (discuss)

The Thin, Hooded, Trembling Monk Did It!
I so want this Name of the Rose inspired board game. (discuss)

Browning, da Dawg
Scorin' on the side! And selecting the best, naturally. (discuss)

Like, Gee, Scoob... Who'da Thunk It?
"She categorizes no less than nine different kinds of "like" that aren't recorded in any official dictionary." (My ability to use relevant slang turns out to be correlated to John Hughes' ability to make an entertaining movie. See headline above. Long live Ducky!) (discuss)

Pinero Biopic Myopic 
So what if it sucks? I get off on these kinds of movies. I even liked Pollack (is it just me, or does Jackson get drunker every year?) I'm still waiting for the Frank O'Hara biopic. The dune buggy scene better have string music. (discuss)

So THIS is Why the Four Copies of My Book in the Local Crapters Didn't Move Over the Holidays
Freakin' inventory problems! I just knew monopoly and corporate greed couldn't be to blame! (discuss)

This is So Fucking Stupid
A look at the "eff" word. (LOL* Bookslut) (discuss)

Title: the EP
Are titles getting longer? Could this piece get any shorter? (discuss)

Good God, I Thought I Wasted My Time
The Lord of the Rings as if written by other writers. Like, for instance, e.e. cummings. (LOL* Maud) (discuss)


Arts Hotel in Toronto
The Drake features artist-friendly accommodations and Gutter Press publisher Sam Hiyate, who is "going to be the Oscar Wilde of the Drake." Ahem. (discuss)

"A variety of distractions..."
They should be proud, these writers.** And by proud, I mean filled with self-loathing and shame. (discuss)

This Would Go a Long Way to Explaining Why Everything I Write is Crap
I mean, everything I write lately. No wise cracks, you. (LOL* Maud) (discuss)

É 2, Christiènne le Bök?
Merde! 'C fou! (LOL* PFW) (discuss)

Law and Literature
Robert Barsky was one of my best experiences of grad school. A real critical thinker who was grounded in real life instead of being a typical academic monk (he actually docked me marks for being too academic once!). If there'd been more people like him in English departments, I probably would have stayed in academia. (LOL* Elegant Variation) (discuss)

Relatives ... Who Needs 'Em?
If Charles Dickens (aka Chuck D) didn't want a statue, then why are we wasting valuable marble that could go toward building a fence around Texas? (discuss)

More Relativity 
Tolstoy's granddaughter - not the Tolstoy you're thinking of, but this article in the English section of the Russian Pravda has a distinct Russian "accent" which I find  enchanting, and I couldn't help but run it. I think I'm developing a fetish. I just want some Russian woman to quote Pushkin and blow smoke in my face.... is that so much to ask? Note: not THIS Russian woman. (discuss)

Octopus Magazine
Personally, I think of puffer fish when someone mentions poets, but whatever. (LOL* Spike Magazine) (discuss)

Can You Believe This?
These chaps-wearing yokels are getting more press than Lou Ferrigno's barbell! And in Nye County's largest newspaper! (discuss)


Didn't We Skip the Part Where People Get Whisked to Work on Conveyor Belts in the Sky and Have Back-talking Robotic Maids?
E-paper is almost here. The perfect medium for lightweight writing. (LOL* Maud) (discuss)

And in Related News...
E-books rise from the dead and stalk the earth looking for eyes to suck out of heads. (discuss)

Another Look at Nate
Hawthorne's 200th sheds some rather nasty light on his politics. Fair? (discuss)

RIP: Janet Frame
New Zealand great laid low. (discuss)

"Postmodern literary theory is now transforming itself so rapidly that Marxist, feminist, deconstructionist, and psychoanalytic critics (and others) are flocking back to the drawing board in droves as they search for new approaches to writing and teaching."
Couldn't this have happened when I was in school? Better be careful what I wish for... I might still be there. (LOL* ALDaily) (discuss)

Looking for that Hard-to-Find Gerry Gilbert?
Do you know Apollinaire's Bookshop? You should. (discuss)

And Here I Thought It Was because I Keep Forgetting to Take My Gingko Biloba...
TOT: Tip of the tongue - that word that will haunt you all day: explained. (Damn, that Don MacKay is EVERYWHERE!) (discuss)

RIP: Bush Barry
"Friends paid tribute to a prolific writer who could pen a poem in minutes." (discuss)


"Yes, it's time to throw out your black eyeliner and burn the crushed-velvet Value Village wardrobe. Vampires are passé."
So for the record: fangs on top, out; fangs on bottom, in. (I know what you're thinking, but I've lived there: Brampton is the perfect place for a horror writer to live.) (discuss)

German Literature Online
A new online journal tries to bring German writing to the English-speaking (and Arabic-speaking) world. (LOL* Elegant Variation) (discuss)

"The rare book business is a highly agreeable way of making very little money."
Ah, Book Row. (discuss)

"This year we saw some very high-quality literary-dramatic projects made with all the technique and expense usually lavished on, say "Bad Boys 2," "SpiderMan" or this year's "X-Men" and "The Hulk." Not to slight Stan Lee, but it's good to see Tolkien and "Master" author Patrick O'Brian getting the same treatment."
A Bookninja movie is currently in pre-production, but having read this, we're holding out for more budget. I'm pretty sure we can get six Pixie Stix each, and maybe a can of grape soda thrown in. (Pete's insistence on Poprocks and a subscription to Mad nearly blew the entire deal!) (discuss)

"Australian fiction has developed a power that reverses the cultural cringe"
Prospect Magazine thinks Oz fiction may finally have arrived. (discuss)



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