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Due to a death in the family there will be no Hearsay posted this weekend.



Giller into Double Digits
The Giller Prize is ten now, and like all precocious children is getting squirmy and developing hair in places where there was no hair before! (discuss)

A Particularly Bad Mood
Marchand on Lit prizes. (discuss)

Getting a Good Whuppin'
Alex Good lets loose on Taylor's, for lack of an intelligent word, "snark" piece. (I challenge you, enlightened ninja reader, to preface the word "snark" with "for lack of an intelligent word" whenever possible. Let's kill this thing.) (discuss)

The Decline of the Short Story
See guys? You're are on your way out (login: bookninja, password: waaaa). Pop! (discuss)

Let's Get This Guy Judging Some Awards Up Here...
"Not even for the sake of argument can he endorse something that he thinks false. To do so is not just mistaken, he feels; in some deep sense, it is wrong." Ah. Now that's refreshing. (discuss)

"In un placete de la Mancha of which nombre no quiero remembrearme, vivía, not so long ago, uno de esos gentlemen who always tienen una lanza in the rack, una buckler antigua, a skinny caballo y un grayhound para el chase."
Is Spanglish killing English or Spanish? (discuss)

Winner's Guaranteed to be Only Half as Boring
UTNE's 2003 Independent Press Award nominees. (discuss)

This Has Got to Suck
You know, for the longest time this spring, my new book was listed as "The Hunger" by Russell Murray. I have a long correspondence exchange with the Amazons (.ca, .com, and about it that reads similarly. Someone should do a Letters to Wendy's style paper or book on this. (discuss)



Banff Con-artist Update
Busted! (discuss)

Women Exist? The National Post Discovers Chick Lit
Of course, it has something to do with Pamela Anderson. (discuss)

This Is Worth It Just For the Photo
David Carpenter's essay about hunting with Raymond Carver and Richard Ford. (discuss)

But When is "Satan Was a Lesbian" Coming Back into Print?
Feminist press resurrects the pulp fiction novel for women (some audio here). (discuss)

Ballard's Stew
Stirring the pot, he is. (discuss)

"The Wen on the Arse of Fantasy Literature"
Weird Fiction uberkind China Miévelle goes after Tolkien. (discuss)

RIP: Rasul Gamzatov
A blow to Russian poetry. We hardly knew ye. (discuss)

A New Spin on Rejection
Egyptian novelist rejects prestigious award based on... principles? (discuss)

Joompa Lahiry Navel Publiced in India
Man, they're almost as bad as a Canadian press. (discuss)

Got a Book to Recommend to Other Bookninja Readers?
Take your comments to our (discuss)ion boards.



Vassanji Takes Giller
Atwood and MacDonald hurl him against the wall outside a fit of jealousy and tell him "Don't come around here no more." No, not really. Alex Good has something to say as well. (discuss)

Welcome to the Danger Zone
Michael Ondaatje thinks literature is in trouble. (discuss)

Where Shopping is a Baffling Ordeal
I once walked into the Strand (login: bookninja, password: waaaa) on a Wednesday and left on Thursday. (discuss)

The literary drunk: alcoholism as bravery? (discuss)

The Problem is that Elmore Leonard's Style Comes with Elmore Leonard's Society...
The new Russian literature. (discuss

"Good Writing is Like Good Striptease"

Okay, I'll buy that. But in an article about kiddie lit? (discuss)

Has 'Punker Gibson Turned Against His Loyal Nerds to Write Mundane Fiction?
WG on sci-fi's relation to the future. (discuss)

Déjà Vu?
The Guardian's first book shortlist looks surprisingly like another we've seen recently. (discuss)

All Hands Abandon Ship!
Repeat! All Hands Abandon Ship! (discuss)

RIP: Rachel de Queiroz
Brazillian novelist dead at 92. (discuss)

Turns Out He had 14 Fingers: Eight on One Hand and Six on t'Other
What possible purpose could this serve? Is nothing sacred? (discuss)



Litblogs Explained, from the Ninja's Mouth
Crouching Ninja gives the Ottawa Citizen the rundown on what we do around here. (What they don't mention is "we.":) (discuss)

I Hear She's Going to Start 'Poetryland USA,' with Rides and Clowns and a Dunk the Billy Collins Booth
But seriously - Glück profiled. (discuss)

Mo 'fo on NaNoWriMo, Yo
Z, get yer downeast pen a scribblin' dere. (discuss)

"Have you ever got frustrated trying to buy a book for your child in Arabic?"
I know I have. But seriously - this would be like walking into Crapters on Bloor Street and finding no books in English. (discuss)

This City Has a Million Stories, and This is Just One of Them
One Story magazine profiled on Bookslut. (discuss)

I'm Not Quite Sure that Virginia Woolf Dates Back to the Beginning of Literature...
I think we're dealing with a language barrier here. But seriously - this is interesting if only as a look at feminist writing from a Hausa cultural POV. (discuss)

I've Been Saying This for Years!
Coetzee profiled on Slate. (discuss)

This Gives Me Second Thoughts About My Plans for "Taking Care" of the Open Mic Down the Way
But seriously - holy crap! (discuss)



"Do not use semicolons. They are transvestite hermaphrodites, standing for absolutely nothing. All they do is show you've been to college."
Kurt Vonnegut reveals things he has said to students.  (discuss)

McLeod Buys Drinks for All
Dips into his huge pile of award money to buy Bushmills for entire bar. Okay, I'm lying, but truthfully I could  go for a couple fingers right now. (discuss)

I Used to Respect Susan Orleans
But a dog cookbook? What is going on in the U.S.? (discuss)

Tea With the Enemy 
The Brown student newspaper interviews Karl King Wenclas of the Underground Literary Alliance, which really likes to pick literary fights. Although it's really more of a review of the ULA. (discuss)

Never Go Into the Woods Without Your Coetzee
James Woods on JM Coetzee in the LRB (thanks to tipster JD). (discuss)

Mordecai and Me and Some Other Writer
Michel Basilieres, of Black Bird fame, reviews Joel Janofsky's Mordecai and Me. (discuss)

I Am Beside Myself With Joy
Slate talks about the NY Times' redesign - and the typeface. Joy! (discuss)

Book Tours Are, Like, So 1990s
The New York Observer says book tours are pointless. Neal Pollack agrees, but says they're still fun. (discuss)

Fawning Lowell Review
It looks like it's out in jolly Britannia. Who said they were harsh reviewers? (discuss)

Save Me a Fritter! I'm On My Way!
Well, have you ever HAD a Krispy Kreme? It's like biting into an icing sugar spiked tub of lard. Mmmmm.. (discuss)



Canada Reads Shortlist
I would think at least one of these names might be a surprise to Gord and Deb McCanada out in Saskatoon dere. But Gordie and Debbie are in need of a jolt, anyway. (discuss)

Salinger Seen Stalking Through New Hampshire with Large Axe
BBC adapts Catcher without asking. (discuss)

Turner Hospital Wins Patrick White Prize
And it's more than just a can of beeah. (That one's for JB) (discuss)

Ex-wife - Slander
Lee Henderson and Sherwin Tjia free associate for This Magazine. Hey, it's art, don't try to understand it! (discuss)

'I Don't Traffic in the Thin Membrane of Social Paranoia'
The Paris Review interviews Jonathan Lethem. (discuss)

Welcome to the New World Order
The British are upset that universities are turning into corporations. Well, some of the British. (discuss)

Joyce Is Dead
Can't we let Ulysses die too? All right, if you can't, then take a look at Joyce's Mistakes, a book about errors and the possibility of even "reading Joyce." When was the last time an academic book sounded even remotely interesting? (discuss)

What They Didn't Mention is that Professor Cornelius  Doodlybird-Muddlyduck (an Intensely Real Scholar) is Reading Plenty of Murray and Darbyshire
What do Yale professors read (besides rich kids' barely literate essays)? (discuss)



Crouching Ninja, Choice Column
Our own Crouching Ninja Darbyshire debuts his books news column in the Ottawa Citizen. (discuss)

What's That in the Sky? A Bird? A Plane? A Flock of Seagulls?
No, it's CanLitMan, and he's citing limpid prose! (discuss)

More New Yorker, Less Harper's
Brian Fawcett weighs in on the Walrus's first issue for Dooney's. (discuss)

Well, Gently or No, In the End He Done Went Into that Good Night...
Dylan Thomas, 50 years later. (discuss)

"I'm Not Clever Enough"
Tom Stoppard discusses the creation of his play Jumpers. (discuss)

"What do you do?" she asked. "I'm a poet," he replied. She laughed with such forceful scorn that she recoiled back into a flower-bed and spilled half her wine.
Julian Barnes on literary mortification. (discuss)

Banned in the USA
Collecting banned books. (discuss)

Shopping and Fucking in Vancouver
Mark Ravenhill's killer play Shopping and Fucking is being put on at the Granville Island theatre for all you Vancouverites. Put down your latte, pick up your cell phone and order your tickets now. (discuss)

Taking Things Literally
Eco on translation. (discuss)

If 72 is the Autumn of One's Life, When's Winter?
Toni Morrison profiled, and looking mighty good for 72. (As an old friend of mine from New York says, "Black don't crack, baby.") (discuss)

Sound Familiar?
Could this piece on music criticism (login: bookninja, password: waaaa) be applied to, say, book reviewing? (discuss)

Somebody oughtta go down there and freak out. That poetry is terrible! Oh, and a human being is being unfairly persecuted, yadda yadda. (discuss)

Extra! Extra! Canadian Newspaper Exaggerates Canadian's Role in American Culture!
"Canuck Writer at Helm of Simpsons" (discuss)





A Bit on Poppies
Pre-McRae, poppies were already associated with war - and there's a science to it. (discuss)

I'd Like to Thank God...
Awards acceptance speeches suck. (discuss)

Does Anyone Know How to Tie a Noose?
If Madonna makes one more red cent or shiny shilling off "writing," I'll be just about ready to check out. (discuss)

Kids GG's Announced Early
Other authors rail against jury selection and nepotism. Oh, wait, that's just the poets,  Wednesday. (discuss)

Bleep! Bleep! Boing! Ah, Books that Condition Children to Love Playstation and Slot Machines...
...and occasionally turns into a deadly choking hazard. (Why can't a book just have pictures and words in it? I tell ya, these kids today...) (discuss

How Often Do You Think a Poet Makes it into Forbes Magazine?
I don't know but I suspect it has something to do with the moon, the colour blue, and one shivery Satan. (discuss)

This Isn't Even the FIRST Time...
Apparently, this is only the LATEST exhumation (login: bookninja, password: waaaaa) of dear Petrarch. (discuss)

Great Montrealer (Note to FK: not Sandwich)
FR Scott. (discuss)

'But do you ever do any serious writing?'
Literary Life cartoonist and children's books author Posy Simmonds profiled. (discuss)

What's Wrong with Canadian Literature?
Apparently it's not about anything. (discuss)

Translation Ninja
I kind of like this site. I like its links too, especially the Online Etymology Dictionary. (discuss)

And You Thought The Ninjas Waste Their Time
A couple of profs have developed a technique for singing Homeric epics. (discuss)

Language Nazis
At last, I've found my people! (discuss)

The Invisible Adjunct
Are you an academic and hating it? Are you a recovering academic? Do you hate academics? This may be the site for you. Or maybe this is the one. Are there any academics who like their jobs? (discuss)

We All Know Chapters Sucks
But what's the alternative? (discuss)

Silver Spoons - I On the Other Hand was Born with an Iron Wrench in My Mouth
The Shapiro legacy lives on. Remember that noose from above...? (discuss)

"It Is All Experience, and Nothing Else"
I used to get sad just reading Isaac Rosenberg's poetry, but reading about his life makes me even sadder. (discuss)

For our Aussie and Aussie-wannabe readers, Slope has a special Ozfest issue. (discuss



(Bookninja will be on a brief hiatus as of Nov 12, but will return Monday, Nov 16. so here are some extra links to tide you over. Don't forget to check on the GG's announced tomorrow and then join the discussion on our boards)

Never Mind the Book
Pollack gets lambasted in an NYT review (login: bookninja, password: waaaa), but responds (quelle surprise) with shocking allegations! (discuss)

Guelph, ON Breeds a Noble Line of Peaceful Poetry Lovers
McRae honoured in Canadian war museum. (discuss)

3Books + 1Movie + 2pac =  6pac o' Bling
Tupac is one of the top money-making biologically-challenged celebrities. (discuss)

Can You Say Cha-Ching?
A Copyright lawyer and author looks at Amazon's new search feature. Smell a class action? You must not be downwind. (discuss)

Nextbook Programme Promotes Jewish Culture Through Reading
Yes, yes, but doesn't the accompanying picture of Michael Chabon make him look like a woman in drag? (discuss)

There's No Place Like Oz
Apparently, Aussies make good travel writers (when they make good writers). (discuss)

Aracataca, Colombia: a Place of "Infallible Wizards and Biblical Misfortunes"
García Márquez in the Voice. (discuss)

Boldtype Is Back
As an email newsletter. (discuss)

Borders Employees Strike!
Details on the Borders Union Web site. (discuss)

Deconstructing Rimbaud
The New Yorker takes a close look at the myths surrounding the poet. (discuss)

Sure, the British Are Bookish Now
But for how much longer? (discuss)

Tesseracts 9 (Subtitled: Reading a Dead Horse)
Is open for submissions. (discuss)

Stephen King's Opus
His words, not ours. (discuss)

Intelligence Doesn't Win Wars
My favourite historian speaks out on the subject of wartime intelligence operations (login: bookninja, password: waaaa). Here's an excerpt from his new book. (discuss)

Heaney's Letters Donated to University
I wonder if the one I sent him about wanting a Stretch Armstrong and a new Connect Four set (after I melted the old pieces down for "bullion") are in there. Wait...  (discuss)

Immortal Falstaff
The NY Times has an interesting piece on Shakespeare's Falstaff (login: bookninja, password: waaaa). Of course, Harold Bloom has something to say on the subject. (discuss)

The Aw-shucks Club
Amy Tan gives one of those "there weren't nothing to it but luck, joy, and... um... a club" interviews. I give up. (discuss)

The downfall of Stoddart and the shape of bookselling to come in Canada. (discuss)

"They Won't Say: the Times Were Dark. Rather: Why Were Their Poets Silent?"
The silence of writers (found through GoodReports) (discuss)

Get Your Question On
Here's your chance to ask a question of David Rees, the guy who wrote Get Your War On. (discuss)

Our Mothers Think We Sell Insurance
If he were a Ninja blogger he could solve this easily by challenging his mother to a bloody, wirework duel in some bamboo. (discuss)



What's Missing?
Besides a proper official? 150 GG winning books are missing from the GG's mansion, that's what. (discuss)

Alex Beam, Friend of Canada
Apparently we do the book review best of all. So quit yer belly achin. (The Post reviews books? Hm!) (discuss)

"He is a Voice for Our Time." Exqueeze Me? Baking Powder?!??!!?? And Here I Am Further Away than I Can Reliably Aim a Rifle.... Crap
Oprah, gaze upon what you have wrought, wingless harpy. (discuss

The Pig's Back in the Pen
In honour of Rush's return to the airwaves, we point you to the classic comic by Patrick Farley. It's a bit dated now, but still pretty funny. (discuss)

What Would His Sponsor Say? 
A night out (login:bookninja, password: waaaa) with DB(c)C Pierre. (discuss

Spy vs. Clandestine Internuncio
Whereas former British Poet Laureate Cecil Day-Lewis was on MI5's most dangerous list, George Bowering is on CSIS's most nicest guy list... (discuss)

Time to Lay Off the Middle Management
Clever article (so much so, it could have been in McWeeney's) to say "subheads suck." (from ALDaily) (discuss)

Am I Poet or Not? (My Guess is: No)
I can't decide if this would be better or worse with nudity. (discuss)

Are Hobbits the New Crack?
Is Tolkien too popular for his own good? I suspect he'd say "Why, my dear fellow, yes!" (discuss)

"I Am Prejudiced Against CanLit Writers"
While trying to figure out a way to give all you junkies your daily fix, I stumbled across this somewhat amusing discussion of Dennis Lee's Un from earlier this year. Also came across this (also older) elegy for the Canadian book world. (discuss)

The Decline of the Scholar
Dead From the Waist Down tracks the decline of the scholar in the public imagination. Strangely enough, the same day I read about it I also happened to reread "Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity," Alan Sokal's famous scholarly hoax. (discuss)

Some weird but intriguing art based on William Gibson's Neuromancer. (discuss)

Christian Bok's Influences Revealed!
The wacky world of comic book sounds. And you thought we were geeks. (discuss)

Neal Pollack Video
Well, it's like a rock video for Neal Pollack, see. And he's, like, doing all this crazy stuff, right? And he kind of walks around and takes his shirt off and stuff. Warning, if you aren't on a high speed connection, prepare to wait.(From Bookslut) (discuss)



Five Canadians on IMPAC Long List
And not one of them is a Ninja. (discuss)

I, For One, Could Use a Wee Bit more "Water" in My "Oil"
Poetry is still debating how to use the 100M they inherited (login: bookninja, password: waaaa) from a crazy, but lovely lovely lovely, old lady. Like there is even a question... (discuss)

Besides that Torrid Leather and Lace Night with Gilbert, Anne has some Other Dirty Laundry Up Her Green Gables
Sometimes I just hate myself for writing this. (discuss)

Does this Guy Strike You as a Member of that ULA Group?
This defense of King is the literary equivalent of George Bush's election platform (link on loan from Bookslut). (discuss)

Little Magazines (Granta? Really? Little? Hm.)
More Paris Review kudos with Plimpton memorial tacked on the end. (discuss)

Oz Lit Online
A survey of Australian lit mags (via Maud Newton). (discuss)

More on Nextbook. (discuss)



Interesting piece (login: bookninja, password: waaaa) on adapting novels for the screen. Don't know how I missed it for two weeks. Sorry. (discuss)

A Literary Endorsement from This Guy Must Be Like a Handshake with Al Gore Right Now...
But I'd still take it. Amis fets Bellow. (discuss)

Writing Linked to Brain Disorders?
Okay, not really. But it wouldn't surprise me. (discuss)

What's Wrong With Dr. Seuss?
He may be frap-dap-dapulous, but an academic doesn't like the way our language is going (login: bookninja, password: waaaa). (dish on the 'fo, yo)

My Guess Is It's Because They are Taking Over the Planet and Translations Just Encourage the Savages in "Other Countries" to Keep Their Unpronounceable, Highly Inefficient, Non-understandable to the Boys in Lubbock Languages
Why don't Americans translate? (LOL* from Bookslut) (discuss)

The Ministry of Culture to the Left of Me, Fundamentalists to the Right, Here I Am..
The Arab publishing world sounds even worse than the Canadian publishing world. (LOL from Kitabkhana) (discuss)

For Those of You Who Care About American Politics... Okay, for Jonathan...
Left vs. Right, Franken vs. Lowry. Two guys who can blow out  rhetoric like it's free. (discuss)

Like to Buy Books Online?
Here's a good list of independent bookstores in the U.S. Some good ideas for booksellers too. It'd be nice to have a Canadian version of this. (discuss)

No, Not That Kind of (FLOAIW**) Snark
It's only sometimes bookish, but damn, I learn something every time I go to this site. (discuss)

"Um, excuse me: no banging your head on the display case, please. It contains a very rare Mary Worth in which she has advised a friend to commit suicide. Thank you!"
John P. Saunders dead at 79. (discuss)


Note: added a few more links to the "Misc" section

Weren't We Just Saying the GG Should Be Like This?
The IMPAC list is a nice mix of literary and mainstream books, chosen by a body of people in the know. (discuss)

Drowning in Books, Including the Self-Published, Martin?
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette outlines some guidelines for choosing what to review. (LOL* from MobyLives) (discuss)

File This Under: Well, Duh!
Apparently an entire book was needed to reaffrim that kids are still kids, but different from generation to generation. Imagine - that's news at CNN. (discuss)

Apply this to Books? Dare We?
Think for yourself when in the presence of art? Hmm... Novel, feasible, sensible. They may be onto something here... (discuss)

Magalog: The Evolution of Idiocy
See, the concept is (login: bookninja, password: waaaa), you get rid of all the superfluous stuff like articles and make it all just about smiling and shopping. It's so creepy and so.... honest.... (discuss)

King Denies Man with "National Security" Concerns Entry to Bangor Home!
But it's NATIONAL SECURITY, Steve!! It affects us all! (discuss)

When You Read This Story, Please Do It Aloud and in a Stereotypical Canadian Accent, Like the Ones They Use on This Hour and AirFarce... Please...
Cowboy poetry award presented at deh Travelodge in Regina, dere, eh? (discuss)

More Glück, Pronouced Glick
...And through it all, she did it her way. (discuss)

Alice In Wonderland Adapted to Graphic Novel
Apparently Alice takes the red pill and ends up dressed in PVC and kicking the crap out of the March Hare. (discuss)

In My Dream World, a Sad Poet Dies Every Minute...
Sad Poet dead, perhaps not so sad. (discuss)



You Suck. No, You Suck.
The King controversy (scroll down a bit) continued at the National Book Award ceremony last night (login: bookninja, password: waaaa), but you gotta hand it to King for addressing the issue head on. Meanwhile, CNN reports on this in their nearest reasonable facsimile of a Books section: "Showbiz." (discuss)

So, The Walrus 2 (The Boredom's Back and This Time It Isn't Taking Any Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.... ) Has Finally Made it to the Stands...
But isn't it, um, a tad late? The first issue reached subscribers long after it was on the stands and now the second issue is late... I mean, for a mag that has MILLIONS in the kitty, can't they get the SECOND issue to bed on time? And what's their budget for the website which still calls the September issue "current?" How come we don't see this being picked up in the news? Answer? $$Cha$$-ching!! (discuss)

"Lit Idol" (aka "The Slush Pile") Takes a Reality TV-style Approach to Publishing
Um, seriously, aside from the voting, how is this different from the slush pile? Oh, wait, it's the public humiliation for the titillation of an emotionally numb public. (discuss)

Petrarch Gets the Respect Due a Wooden Crate of Expensive China
Good things the bones are fragile or they'd be playing stick ball with a femur and the skull next... pigs. (discuss)

Books! Awards! Festive Atmosphere!
Moscow's Non/Fiction book festival is on. Headed over? (discuss)

Of Course, You Won't Get a Credit for It...
Here's a guide to online creative writing courses. Ew. (discuss)

It's a Little Known Fact That They'll Be Making a Symphony from My Latest Book - for Jug, Washboard, and Kazoo
Wilfred Owen choral performance coming up next year. (discuss)



And in Suspiciously Similar Canadian News, Tim Lilburn Has Put Gary Geddes in a Headlock and Says He Won't Let Go Until Geddes Sings the Refrain from "Pappa Don't Preach"
Hari Kunzru stirs the BritLit shitpot with a long, angry stick. (discuss)

Clinton Releases List of 21 Favourite Books
And, funny enough, the Top 10 are all The Joy of Sex... (discuss)

Here's a New Angle: I Need to Win to Pay Off My Conman Debts
DBC and his creditors are hoping he'll take the Whitbread too... (discuss)

Don't Know How We Missed This Before
The Toronto Star article on Abebooks. (discuss)

There's Even a Copy of My First Book which is Missing Pages Torn Out for ... um ... Purposes Unknown ... on that Camping Trip a While Back
Sounds like a very cool lit museum. (discuss)

Sartre Will Make you Smartre 
Hefty article (LOL* from Bookslut) (discuss)

Public vs. Private Poetry
An opinion piece on aforementioned distinction. (discuss)

Shouldn't a Bundle of Native Writers Be Called a "Tribe"
Chicklit has a "book bundle" of Native writers. (discuss)

I Think, Therefore ... Nah, I Can't Come Up With Anything Good
Bookthink is a handy resource for booksellers and collectors. For instance, it has this useful (to book nerds anyway) piece on recognizing book club editions or the value of signed vs. unsigned books (LOL* from Bookfinder). (discuss)



A Ninjaless Globe 100 is a Shameful Thing...
You may not even want to read this, it's so flagrantly ninjaless. (discuss)

Pierre Berton: Is He Hot or Not?
My latest column is up on the Ottawa Citizen Web site. (discuss)

If All You Other People Would Just Stop Writing, I Could Get My Book Read...
Is "overpopulation" (login: bookninja, password: waaaa)  the true villain? (discuss)

Ah, the Internet: Land of the Free (and Premium Subscription) and Home of Your Average Psychotic, Hate-filled, Book-assassin Stalker
Can you imagine releasing your book and then having some old enemy write "review" after hateful "review?" I'm sure this can't be the first time (LOL* from Goodreports) this has happened... (discuss

Shakespeare, Faulkner, King
Some critics think Stephen King deserves his NBA award for his literary merit. (discuss)

Funny, When I've Tried to Speak This Language Before, I Just Got Dirty Looks
A nearly extinct whistling language. (discuss)

Does He Mean, Like, Gord Downie? 'Cause That's Sacrilege, Man
"Why is the setting of poetry to music so dreary?" (discuss)

Critic Is a Dirty Word
The Brits weigh in on Dale Peck. (discuss)

O'Meara Review in Globe Confirms Ninja Diagnosis
Roll on mighty juggernaut. (discuss)

Two On Patrick White
White's longtime partner Manoly Lascaris has died. The house in which they lived since 1965 is being looked at as a possible government sponsored writers' haven. (discuss)



Top 25 Graphic Novels of All Time, in Time
Yes, in Time, of all places. And you might be surprised at some of their choices. (LOL* from Bookslut) (discuss)

A Lecture in Fiction from Coetzee Would Be Like Poetry to Me...
Coetzee comes out of hiding to deliver the Robert B. Silvers lecture (login: bookninja, password: waaaa). (discuss)

Gay Teens Finally Getting Something to Read
After years of silence in this area (parents and teachers going: LALALA! I CAN'T HEAR YOU, TODD!), it seems the time is right for "Rainbow High." (discuss)

The Forgotten Writer
No, not you. (discuss)

NYC Ain't No Gotham
The New York Times has a profile of Marvel Comics' newish head (login: bookninja, password: waaaa) (discuss).

What's So Great About Independent Bookstores?
Well, they sell books, for one. (discuss)

Sure, Lucia Was Cuckoo, but this Makes it Sound Like Her Nephew is just Stone-cold Nasty
Copyright battle leads to changes in bio of Joyce's nutbar daughter (login: bookninja, password: waaaa). (discuss)

Yeah, Because They'll Play It Then
Some Scrabble experts want to include phone text messages as acceptable words in the hope that it will draw younger players to the game. (discuss)



Shut Up and Enjoy Your Mansions, Dammit!
Lynn Coady speaks out on Stephen King’s speech at the NBA awards. (discuss)

Michael Bryson's a Deadhead? The Humanity!
Bryson cuts loose in an essay on reviewing. (discuss)

Okay, How About... This Woman and DBC Pierre on Blind Date?
Banff scam artist profiled in Globe (did I link to this already? I'm getting major déjà vu.) (discuss)

Input: "The Kind of Writer Who Kisses Up to Literary Betters to Drink Their Booze and Get Published" -  Output: "Sycophant" 
A new reverse-dictionary service (thanks M. Bryson). It  allows you to enter a word or group of words describing a concept and get results consisting of related words. (Seriously, I typed the above into this service and didn't get sycophant, but did get the following, among others: "slave narrative" "degenerate" "elspeth cameron" "prix medici" and "literary festival"... this thing THINKS!) (discuss)

An Extraordinary Artist
An overview of the career of comics genius Alan Moore. (discuss)

No Sitting While Reading Candles!
Notes on a Richmond Chapters. (discuss)

"Go, Leafs, Go" Does Not a Football Chant Laureate Make... For Several Reasons...
Um, yes. A "Chant Laureate." Much like walking into a KFC and looking for a fried chicken jingle laureate. Or in Lubbock, TX and looking for a toothless cow-tipping gun laureate. Or into Canada and looking for a "poet" laureate. What's next? (discuss)

You Want the Job?
Celebrity writers weigh in on what they'd do if they were offered the NY Times books section editorship. (discuss)



English Alive and Well in Montreal
The QWF (like the WWF but Frencher) honours Hanglish language books. (discuss

King Hospitalized with Pneumonia
He attended last weeks awards ceremony with it. Hopefully he passed it to Grisham. (discuss)

Rasta Poet Shuns OBE, Mon
Citing history of brutalization and rape, Benjamin Zephaniah turns down offer from that lady on our coinage. (Read that poem at the end) (discuss)

Umberto is on About Vegetables or some Crazy Crap Again...
Eco on books and memory (LOL from ALDaily). (discuss)

I Had No Idea Dr. Seuss was a Conservative
Or a Liberal, for that matter. (discuss)

There are Way Too Many Things I Don't Want to Know About Yeats...
And most of them have to do with his life. But some people do, so biographies are written. (discuss)

They've Got Poetry on the Run
Rohrer and Beckman compose on the fly. (discuss)

Kids' Stuff
That's one old story for young ones. But is it for the young? (discuss)

The Canadian Book Trade is in Its Worst Crisis Ever
Interesting article on the bookselling trade in Canada, and the obstacles its facing. Although the author does make an odd complaint about the predominance of urban fiction, whatever that is. Because that's what's really selling in Canada, not historical fiction. Yeah.. (discuss)

Surfing, Faulkner and Carol Shields
Suzan-Lori Parks talks about some of her favourite things. (discuss)



Why Does This Not Surprise Me in the Least?
David Asper’s National Post editorial defending Conrad Black was really written by… Conrad Black. (LOL from Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind) Who is disgraced more here, Black or Asper? Well, one of them couldn't really sink that much lower... (discuss)

Are You Lit or Not?
Take the new Globe and Mail lit quiz and find out. (discuss)

The Critics Have Lost Touch
Says a man who has felt their disdain and wrath. (discuss)

Friends for Emily
Rural Ohio sisters the talk of the poetry town (or ye olde towne). (discuss)

Come On Boys!
If you see the punctuation problem here (I was the only one who thought it a problem at the newspaper where I worked), then you'll appreciate this book. (discuss)

What Do Advertising and Poetry Have in Common?
Samuel Johnson and John Donne. (discuss)

Ha Noi's Literature Institute Celebrates 50 Years
Attended by a literati I know unfortunately little about. (discuss)

A New Spin on "Where Is Here?"
Kudos to eye weekly for its profile of Toronto/ex-Bosnian poet Goran Simic. (discuss)

File This Under: Ouch!
Imagine having your crappy love poetry read aloud to a group of snickering, lascivious idiots. Now imagine that that group was Parliament. (discuss)



Fight Spam with Poetry!
An anti-spam company is using haiku poetry to fight spam. and it works! (LOL* from Clive Thomson's brilliant Collision Detection blog) (discuss)

"God Sustained"
Man, I would have been covered in blurry tattoos and hooked on heroin, but this guy stuck it out. (How many articles in our papers get to use the word ululate?) (discuss)

My Bid is ... Everything I Have in My Pockets or You Can Take What's in this Box Covered in Question Marks.... Hmmmm?
Iris Murdoch's books aren't being burned, but the English think they might as well be... They are up for sale by her widower John Bayley and an American bidder is the first to offer the asking price. But the English are desperate to see the books to stay at a university there (the U needs £30,000 more to make the £150,000 asking price... um, in the States a university would just ask a dean to spot them the dough...) Next week a very special episode of Coronation Street will be dedicated to the struggle.  (discuss)

This Guy Could Be One of Us
What's it like to be a mid-list author barely making ends meet? (LOL* from Bookslut) Um... we wouldn't know. Excuse me while I eat my diamond encrusted salad. (discuss)

Front Page News: Journalists are Scumbags
The NYT coming down hard** on unethical journalists... now. As much as I think Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass should fry, this somehow smacks of crying "Witch!" in Salem so that no one will accuse you of having too good a crop. (discuss)

RIP: Hugh Kenner
"America's foremost commentator on literary modernism,"** critic Kenner dead at 80. (Funny, the Canadian papers are all calling him Canadian... odd how we do that. He was only born and educated here, eh?) P.S. Pound never had it so good. (discuss)

Words Without Borders
More on the dismal record of translated works in America. (discuss)

Bök Still Shaking Head Ruefully
Darwinian poetry ('member that?) may be terrible, but it's better than some I've read... (discuss)


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